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BMW Centennial Launch: “The Next 100”

Fashion Forte UK was invited to celebrate the unveiling of the BMW and Montblanc collaboration at the BMW Headquarters in Munich, Germany. This launch was named “BMW Individual 7 Series. The Next 100 years”. This was followed by a seven-hour drive to Villeret, Switzerland chauffeured in my own BMW 7 series to the Home of the luxury brand Montblanc. As this was Fashion Forte’s first press trip abroad, the launch was a great opportunity to also mark our expansion into lifestyle and our highly-anticipated site relaunch!

I arrived at the luxurious Sofitel hotel from Munich airport in a BMW 7 Series 760 Li X. As a car lover, I was in awe of the BMW ingenuity. A car with such integrity that exudes style! I felt thrilled to have such a tailored experience. Upon arrival to the hotel, I collected my room key, freshened up and went off to a roof top lunch.

When I arrived back to the hotel, I prepared for the launch and dinner in the evening. I opted for a feminine look: a dusty pink A-line full skirt, with a matching ribbed top. I paired this with black patent So Kate Louboutins.


Upon arrival to the BMW Classic in Munich, I sat with some amazing guests and engaged in conversation over a delectable menu tailored just for the event (might I add the way the food was served encouraged sharing, what an ingenious ice breaker!)  I spoke briefly to the lovely Lauren Prema, BMW PR and Carsten Pries, General Manager Product Management M Automobiles and BMW Individual. We briefly conversed about what truly makes the 760 Li truly “individual”. He explained to me that it is the passion behind the design and the love for detail that makes this collaboration truly exclusive. As Carsten is the project manager for BMW M series, I felt honoured to have the opportunity to pick his brain about my favourite BMW model in the M series, the BMW M4, and his thoughts on how the BMW X Mont Blanc collaboration symbolised the true essence of collaborative working.

After dinner, a contemporary dance performance and a brief presentation by Peter van Binsbergen, Head of Sales BMW Germany and Jérôme Lambert, CEO of Montblanc, the BMW 760 Li Individual was unveiled. HERE IT IS. Carsten took me to the podium for a closer look. There are only 100 models made worldwide and each model comes with a limited-edition Montblanc Blue metallic rhodium-plated, Au 750 gold Montblanc nib fountain pen that resembles the quilting of the interior of the car (clever, right?)  The matching staple symbolises the collaboration between BMW and Mont Blanc so elegantly, it is all in the minute details.Standing proudly next to the BMW are Karim A. Habib, Head of Design BMW Automobile and Zaim Kamal, Head of Design Montblanc.

The interior of the Individual 760 Li is so comfortable and stylish. It is clear to see all the details were thoroughly explored by the head designers. The premium leather from Mont Blanc gives the car an amiable feature. The fine detailing in the stitching is handmade which made each 760 Li different and adds that sentimental value.

The next morning, we headed off to Switzerland chauffeured in our own BMW 7 series, it was a great opportunity to test out the sound system and be whizzed around the beautiful Swiss mountains. We then arrived in Villeret at the house of Montblanc where we had lunch overlooking an amazing view. We spoke briefly about the Montblanc philosophy and the surrounding history of the local community before being taken on a tour of the factory.


I truly enjoyed my trip. I hope this is the beginning of a lot more experience in contemporary Luxury. I have experienced the “shared passion for tradition, quality, and craftsmanship” that BMW X Montblanc so proudly represented in this collaboration.  BMW is one to watch! Keep an eye out for BMW’s future products and collaborations and to find out more about the BMW click here

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