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Text Less. Write More: Make Stationary a Handbag Essential

Stationary has gone from being a basic work essential to a fanatically trend led product that’s just as common place in your ‘basket’ as the latest handbag.

A showcase of personality and an essence of humour, minimalism, sophistication or colour, makes stationary a regular visitor to plenty of Instagram feeds. It’s now just as fashionable to walk home with a Paperchase bag as it is a Topshop one and it’s even better when you find a desirable find from an independent retailer. New designs and creative outlets spark an interest from the most avid stationary lovers and investing in quirky independents makes your latest biro more envy-worthy than the new Jimmy Choo’s.

Woodland A6 Mini Notebook £2.40

Pastel pens - £5.50

Clipboards - £24.25

Weekly planner -  £3.95

Live your life diary - £12.50

Point sharp pencil -  £6.50

Rose gold pen - £35

Address stamp - £25

Sticky notes - $12

Buying from well known brands and showcasing a logo is no longer necessary, it’s about getting beautiful stationary from anywhere you can find, especially small independents that make one off designs or hold a completely different concept. Finding product that is different from what your typical stationary store stocks is what helps you fall in love with it, all of a sudden it has become an investment, a piece of your home in the way that your beloved bed or treasured sofa is.

Often an expression of a job title or workplace, ranges now hint at job roles and interests, or mirror a typical place of work, such as a fashion house or publication. Touching on trends such as rose gold, nude pinks, inspirational quotes and calligraphy, stationary is now lusted after than most other products and having a pretty and appealing work desk makes even the laziest of morning people want to get to work and start their day.

No longer just items you interact with daily; stationary is starting to inspire people to go to work, whether that be through a motivational quote on the front of a notepad or a minimalistic workspace that helps clear the mind. Being in a space that appeals to your interests, makes going to work much more fun and matching your kit to your office décor makes for an aesthetically pleasing work space, where you can focus and work to your best potential. The motto here is to buy stationary you can’t wait to use and make your workplace a place you enjoy being in, nothing quite beats the fresh scent of a notepad, the sleek finish of a rose gold pen nor the satisfaction of a matching set. Organisers, personal calendars and memo notes are all made to be a pleasure to use; it is no longer about basic biros and plain fronted notepads, its about the extras, the essence of personality and lifestyle, an adaption of trends and an inclusion of happiness to a somewhat hectic world.

Stationary, when it’s pretty, is a doll to work with.