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Get the Look: Styling Tips from Bloggers

With some truly clever styling tricks, you can take the clothes you already own and give them a chic update, for free. So we’ve studied the styling tricks of your most-adored bloggers and put together all the styling tips and tricks you need to know.

Whether it’s getting your outfit proportions right, knowing all the layering tricks, or how to roll up the hems of your jeans just right; style isn’t something you can buy, it’s a skill. When you have mastered the art of styling, you can look effortlessly chic wherever you go. Learn how to revitalise your wardrobe with these timeless styling tips that will work again and again.

Let the tail hang

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Create a deliberately undone look with the half tuck. Popular with bloggers, this look conveys a more casual vibe and can even make a statement of your t-shirt and jeans. To master the blogger half-tucked look, fold over one edge of your shirt and slightly tuck it into your waistband, allowing the tail to hang over the waistline. If you want a slightly dressier style, try the wrap-and-tuck styling tip. Refresh your button-downs by simply wrapping one half around your body, tucking it in and promptly creating a wrap-top twist to your look.

Knot it at the waist

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The easiest way to define your figure without using a belt is to knot your shirt at the waist. It’s a creative way of adding a playful touch to your outfit. This styling tip makes it easy to repurpose a dress as a skirt. Wear a button-down or a tee over your dress and tie it at the waist to create the illusion of a top and skirt. For a casual take on the trend, try giving your basic white tee an update by tying it in the front.

Roll with it

Show off your ankles and your shoes by rolling up the hem of your jeans. Bloggers have embraced this discreet styling tip to add an edge to their classic denims. If you want to inject a little cool factor into your top half; roll up the sleeves of your shirts. While a button-down can sometimes feel prim and proper, rolling up the sleeves gives it an easy nonchalance. Rolling up your sleeves can make a big difference to your look, helping it feel more laidback and a little more purposefully styled.

Tie it around

Add instant cool to your outfit by adding a third item. Tying a shirt around your waist is a styling tip we’ve learnt from bloggers. This simple trick adds interest to an otherwise ordinary outfit, and gives you more stylish outfit choices. You’ll look polished and put together – it can even work with eveningwear.

Drape it over your shoulders

Nothing screams ‘blogger-cool’ like a jacket draped over the shoulders. An easy way to update your outwear; it’s a styling tip that makes your existing jackets and coats look shiny and new and won’t cost you a thing. This styling hack can add a layer of warmth, and make your outfit look infinitely more expensive and elegant.

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