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Top Tips: How to Dress for Your Body Shape For Men

Whether you’re stick-thin, slightly round-bellied or ripped, you can look comfortable, stylish, and suave everyday when you know how to dress for your body shape for men. Here’s our guide to truly savvy dressing…

People come in all shapes and sizes, but getting dressed is much easier when you know the pieces that work best for your shape. For men especially, the way your clothes fit determines how good your outfit looks. The better the fit, the more comfortable your clothes feel, and knowing how to dress for your body shape is the perfect way to transform your wardrobe.

Mr Muscle: Lift your wardrobe into shape

For muscle men, the goal is to draw attention to your hips while taking it away from your upper chest. Although v-necks are the obvious choice as they narrow the upper body, crew necks are a good option too. A classic Breton t-shirt would be a perfect pick, especially if the stripes focus on the stomach rather than the chest. For your lower half, opt for slim cuts or straight leg jeans to balance out your proportions. Accessorise by adding detail around the hips with belts or pockets; this will help to break up an outfit and bring focus to this area.

Mr Trim: Bulk up in style

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For skinnier guys, the key point when considering how to dress for your body shape for men is to add definition where this is none. For a flattering, fashion forward fit, try padded shoulders and roll necks. This gives you extra bulk and creates the illusion of broader shoulders. The easiest way to bulk up your size is with layering. Add a jacket or chunky knitwear to impose visual strength. In warm weather, wearing light colours is your best bet. White or taupe bottoms are a great summer pick and will widen your legs. Pick accessories that come in small sizes and avoid anything that engulfs your frame. Opt for straight and narrow ties, and small watches, bags and eyewear.

Mr Stout: Frame your shape into style


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When choosing clothes, you’re aiming to create the illusion of a balanced body. Figuring out how to dress for your body shape for men when you’re big is all down to keeping things simple. Keep patterns to a minimum. A monochrome outfit will slim you down. Stick with vertical stripes and small prints as larger ones will make you look bigger. Vertical stripes point the eye downward, lengthening your silhouette and visually slimming. Pinstripe suits are a perfect choice, especially when paired with a crisp black shirt. When accessorising, choose items that will add interest to your outfit. Accessorise with a pocket square, lapel pins and ties with different textures to add pattern and colour to an otherwise monochromatic look.

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