Stress-Free Living: Coodo-Mobile Living

Designed in Germany, Coodo sets new standards for the future and satisfies the increased desire of our modern society for freedom, independence, and flexibility. Coodo not only promises, but delivers superior comfort while at the same time allowing for a fast, easy, and economical installation with minimal impact on the site and environment – a feat nearly impossible to accomplish with traditional homes. With Coodo, your home can easily go on tour with you and travel with you, wherever life may take you. You will be at home anywhere in the world.

Function and flexibility is vital when it comes to mobile living and the Coodo modular units do just that, only with a lot more ease. Coodo has created a series of units that are sold separately or in groups for a more spacious and flexible lifestyle. The group of modular units include: Pavilion, Pergola, Summer Kitchen, Mobile Living and Residential Building. A clean and contemporary finish to each unit emphasises the company’s aim of a ‘stress free life’. What appeals to us the most is the idea of being able to live almost anywhere, as comfortably as possible and as peacefully as possible, and how can you not when you have this to choose from!

The minimalist design means that everything is concealed into the structure of each unit. The units come with an option of a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, heating and cooling, and with all power systems thoughtfully hidden within the flooring, ceiling and inner walls. As well as the ability to operate most electronics from your phone. The buyer can personalize their unit, by choosing the facade material, its colour and texture. The units are therefore named MY – MY CUISINE summer kitchen, MY SHADE pergola, MY LEISURE pavilion, MY VACATION mobile living unit and MY HOME residential building.

The full living option on most Coodo models gives the buyer a prefabricated house that can be configured by the client himself according to his needs. It is built of separate units, each of them representing a different living space (bedroom, living room, children’s room, bathroom, maintenance /laundry /utility and staircase. The units are built to be installed vertically or horizontally depending the space and overall aesthetics. All units are fully equipped and furnished, and therefore ready to be occupied immediately. The complimentary Coodo app (downloadable on iOS or Android) brings to three-dimensional life the unique Coodo experience –a state-of-the-art product on all levels.

The Coodo impresses through its various possibilities of potential applications: as a space for smart business solutions as well as an exclusive garden lounge, an innovative showroom or a luxury weekend residence. The first Coodo produced in series has been installed in Switzerland in February of 2015, where it serves the staff members of the national air traffic control “Skyguide” as a retreat for relaxation and the occasional chat.

Modular Units by COODO
Architects: COODO, contemporary living, l.l.c.
Design team: Gregor KOSEM, Simon BAJT, Katja SENEKOVIČ, Urša KISOVEC
Location: Kranj, SLOVENIA
Development: 2010-12
Construction of prototypes: 2012
Photographs: Courtesy of COODO
COODO, contemporary living, l.l.c.
Koroška cesta 27
SI-4000 Kranj
Slovenija – Europe
phone: 00386 40 699 674, Urša Kisovec