Cristiano Ronaldo wears Adidas in Nike ad

Nike released an ad with a picture of a young Cristiano Ronaldo wearing an Adidas top, an image that Nike photoshopped to place its Swoosh where Adidas’ logo originally was.

The image shows a young Ronaldo standing behind a net wearing a black jersey. It was posted on Nike’s social media channels with the caption “Nobody believed a boy from Madeira would make it to the stars. Except the boy from Madeira.” Ronaldo also posted the image on his Twitter, featuring the words “this boy knew” with the Nike trademark swoosh underneath. He captioned the image using Nike’s Just Do It slogan.

Controversy ensued when fans familiar with the picture of young Ronaldo pointed out that Ronaldo was actually wearing an Adidas jersey in the original photo. Nike in fact cropped out the Adidas logo and replaced it with the Swoosh and copy “This Boy Knew”.

The ad was released on social media following Saturday’s Champions League final where Ronaldo scored twice. Ronaldo is one Nike’s top endorsed athletes and recently topped the American broadcaster ESPN’s list of the top 100 famous sportsmen and women in the world.

Nike was recently revealed to be the most popular fashion brand on Instagram, so this may have been a strategic post from their marketing team after all.