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Top Wimbledon essentials

If you are lucky enough to be attending this year’s tournament, you’ll need to bring along some Wimbledon essentials that will protect your skin, keep you cool and add a stylish touch to your sporty spectator look…

Wimbledon essentials

You’ve been lucky enough to score tickets to Wimbledon, or maybe you’re braving it and queueing for last minute tickets. Either way, it’s time to prepare for your day out and stay on top of your game with some Wimbledon essentials. We’ve rounded up the top courtside essentials for you, so that the only thing you’ll have to worry about is who’ll reign supreme this year.

Kit yourself out with all-weather Wimbledon essentials

Whether the rain will stop play or you’re lucky enough to get rays of sunshine, you’ll need to come prepared for any weather. Opt for a simple light sunhat – one that offers protection from both sun and drizzle would be a perfect pick. Pack a bottle of sunscreen and top-up your protection on any parts of the body and face that are exposed throughout the day. Sunglasses are a must-have, so arm yourself with a pair that are sporty yet chic. Another great Wimbledon essential you should never go without is a brolly to keep you protected from the showers or provide some shade in scorching weather.

Get your Wimbledon wardrobe in order

There are a few fashion rules to keep in mind at Wimbledon, and of course, what you wear is just as important as the match itself. Heels and flip flops are not recommended, so wear relaxed comfortable footwear. Converse trainers are cool, comfy classics that you can wear all day long, and they have different styles for both men and women. Ladies, opt for a pleated skirt or a dress with pleated details. The pleat details have a relaxed, sporty feel that’s event appropriate (extra points for making an effort to look the part). For men, a polo shirt always looks smart and will amp up your Wimbledon outfit in seconds.

Pack and plan ahead for Wimbledon

A glass of Pimms and some strawberries and cream are two of our favourite Wimbledon essentials. You’re allowed one bottle of alcohol or two cans into the arena, but remember to always keep hydrated with a bottle of water. Instead of carrying a few bottles, buy a Bobble bottle so you can keep topping up throughout the day. Food and drink options are available from several different catering facilities but can be pricey, so carry a small cooler bag to save money (and enjoy more of the tennis). You’ll save time too, as you won’t have to queue to get food. Remember to double-check what you can take into stands before you arrive.